Welcome to Earth Eternal Reboot!

Home to the next ressurection of Earth Eternal.

Explore some of its hidden potential with unlocked developer commands to build your own personal grove with a vast array of prefabricated scenery. Stay tuned for additional modifications or new features.

If you're a veteran player, enjoy the nostalgia. If you're a new player, welcome to our ranks.

To register you must request a registration key. Please read here for details.
For detailed documentation of unlocked commands, new features, tutorials, and gameplay mechanics, visit the Reference Index. Tons of information is provided there.

Having trouble starting the client? Troubleshooting.

NOTE: All previous accounts from Planet Forever are still available on EER's server. If you have a previous account you may just login and pick up from where you left off.

Returning players do not need to download the entire client. Instead, you can download the updated launcher here (right-click and save as) and place it in your main EER/PF folder, using it instead of the previous launcher.
Creating an account:

A registration key is required.
To get a registration key contact the admin using this link.

Once you have a key, you may create an account here: account creation page.

After you have that done, there are two options for obtaining the client:

Stuff you should know before creating an account:

Although most of the game has been restored, this is still considered a beta product. There may be crashes, instability, and lag. In extremely rare cases there may even be data loss. Contact me and I may be able to restore broken characters or accounts from backup files.

This server won't be around forever. I don't know how long I'll be able to maintain the project. This may be your last chance to enjoy Earth Eternal.

The website may be unavailable if the server is offline or has crashed.

Other things to consider: